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Our academy gives you the tools you need to succeed

In the 10 years, I have been working as an accountant for the Construction and Trades industry, I have noticed a recurring theme amongst businesses in this sector. You work hard and long hours but many businesses are never able to make the transition from being a tradie to having a successful business.

Running a business is difficult work, there is a lot of risk, stress and it requires significant investment. If you are putting yourself through all that pain shouldn’t you be compensated for it accordingly? You should be paid as a business owner, not a tradie. After all, you have a business, not a job.

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The Financial Assurance

The Process

Knowledge, Systems, Technology, Advisory, Track Progress, Get Results

My Guarantee

I will deliver on your needs, I will provide guidance, I will provide you with value, I will hold you accountable to your goals

The Plan

Schedule an appointment, Step 2: Allow us to scope out a plan, Step 3: Let’s execute that plan together, Step 4: Review the results

Learning a new skillset

Running a business is an entirely different skill set to being a tradie. For this reason, many business owners will never progress from being a good technician to running a successful business.

So far most of the training you have received in your career has been centered around your trade and not your business. In fact, if you weren’t doing this course the most you would have done is a quick 1-day contractor course to qualify for your licence with Consumer and Business Services.

But do you have time to do a three-year degree in business? Of course not.

This 8-module course is designed to teach you exactly what you need to know to get started with a successful business. No fluffy stuff, just the advice, and information you need to grow, make a profit, and get off the tools.

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