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The Financial Foreman is now a Certified Weel Partner

Like you, The Financial Foreman loves to get his hands on tools that help you to build a better business. We are very excited about a fantastic alternative for businesses who use corporate cards… Introducing Weel – formally known as DiviPay.

Corporate cards have been around for a long time. However, the time taken for cards to be issued to staff has always been a long and drawn out process. Forms had to be filled in and sent off and trying to track down the signatories is nearly impossible when working with a remote teams. And, having one corporate card that gets handed around to employees as needed is a nightmare.

The good news is that the corporate card has had a makeover and gone virtual and digital.

Enter Weel: A virtual corporate card and spend management tool that provides real-time visibility and full control of business spending.

The even better news is that The Financial Foreman is a Certified Weel Partner and can help you onboard your staff to this exciting payment platform.

So, just what is Weel?

Weel is an all-in-one spend management tool.

Built to enable business owners and advisors to control spend, automate accounting data entry, streamline approval workflows, and unlock employees to do their best work.

Weel allows you to issue virtual corporate MasterCards with custom spending limits in seconds. The intuitive software also extracts, codes, approves and automatically pay bills from within the same platform.

Controlling business spend with Weel is easy. You issue smart corporate cards to your staff with either recurring, or one off spending limits. Budget limits can be shared across the team, or divvied up between employees.

So, just what is DiviPay?

Weel features and benefits at a glance

Talk to The Financial Foreman about customising Weel to suit your business. Here are just some of the features and benefits. 

  • Instantly issue virtual corporate cards (unlimited)
  • Create spending rules to restrict merchants and transaction amounts
  • Establish expense budgets for projects
  • Control company spending before it happens
  • Automate your expense management
  • Pay in-store or online with your phone
  • Enjoy peace of mind with high-level financial security
  • Review business expenses in real-time.
  • Get excited by real-time accounting integrations (Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks)
  • Develop weekly, monthly or one-time-only virtual card limits
  • Know exactly who in the business, made which purchase
  • Track and manage recurring subscriptions
  • Organise automatic bill payments
  • Produce fast expense reimbursement

Get started straight away.

Being a fully digital platform, your staff can get started right away, add their cards to Apple Pay, or Google Pay, or retrieve a card number, expiry and CVC from directly within the mobile app.

There’s also a great bill payment feature whereby you have the ability to email in, or upload by dragging and dropping your supplier invoices. Machine learning technology extracts the invoice data, including the supply payment details, passes these bills through a customised approval workflow, and automatically pays all of your bills on the date scheduled by you.

And, what’s great for those who think in numbers, all data is shared in real time with your accounting system, to make bookkeeping and accounting processes as easy and pain-free as possible. 

Get started straight away with DiviPay

Three tips from The Financial Foreman

  1. Make the decision to dump those old company credit cards and go virtual
  2. Determine who you’d like to issue virtual cards to 
  3. Get in touch with The Financial Foreman to talk about how easy it is to set up Weel for your business.

Because The Financial Foreman is a Certified Weel Partner, we have all the answers on how Weel works and how it can benefit your business, whether you’re a sole trader or a company with many employees. Call Josh at The Financial Foreman on (08) 7129 4433 or send us a message on our contact us page and set up an appointment today to talk about Weel and what it can do for you, your staff, and your business.

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